Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday MJ!

MJ turns double digits today!   It's crazy to think my first born is a decade old!!  We enjoyed celebrating his birthday today.  He had a fun birthday party with friends (I'll be posting about that later).  I am so proud of MJ.  He is a hard worker, smart, has such a tender heart, is a great big brother to his 3 younger siblings.  We are so grateful that God blessed us with MJ.  God knew we needed him in our lives and He gave him to us at the perfect time.  We are so thankful that Mj has accepted the most precious gift of salvation!  It's been amazing to see him grow and we look forward to what God has for him in his future!  We love you MJ!!!

Just a few hours old

A cute 1 year old
A ring bearer in my brother's wedding at 2 years old.
An energetic 3 year old
A snuggly 4 year old with our puppy Streak.
First Amtrak train ride at 5 years old. His buddy Samson came along, too.
An amazing 6 year old
A toothless 7 year old
A smart 8 year old
A Lego addicted 9 year old.
My favorite 10 year old.
 photo IMG_3922_zps1e27a275.jpg

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Amy said...

Happy 10 years! Double digits... wow. Our firstborn will be there next year. Happy Birthday MJ! :)

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