Monday, February 11, 2013

MJ's 10 Challenges Birthday Party

I wanted to do something special for Mj's 10th Birthday Party.  I checked ideas on Pinterest, but couldn't find anything until I saw some Minute to Win It Birthday parties.  So I used what little brain cells I have left and decided to do a 10 Challenges birthday party (OK, so we only got to 8 of the challenges, but thankfully the boys weren't counting!).  It was a success!  The boys had so much fun and Mj told me it was the best party he ever had!

 Challenge #1: Paper Dragon - Unwrap the streamers with only your arms.  The wind made it even more of a challenge.
Challenge #2: Bite Me - Pick up the paper bags with only your teeth and only your feet can touch the ground.  The paper bags were varying sizes (10", 8", 6", 4", 2").  The 2" bag was quite the challenge, but 2 of the boys actually did it!
Challenge #3: Shoe Fly Shoe - Using your foot, fling your shoe and get it to land on the table.  This was much harder than it looked.
Challenge #4: Elephant March - This was just hilarious to watch!  They had to knock down the water bottles using their "trunk" (panty hose with a ball in the leg)
Challenge #5: Suck it Up - Using the straw get the M&M's from one bowl to the other.
Gabe was excited to get to try this game out.  There was so much drool in his bowl - YUCK!
Challenge #6: Water Balloon Target - So I made a nice target using side walk chalk for them to throw the water balloons at.  They decided human targets were better! ;)
Challenge #7: Face the Cookie - Get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your face.  Another funny one to watch.
Challenge #8 - Whipped Cream Bubble Gum Bonanza - Find the bubble gum in the whipped cream.  The first one to blow a bubble wins.  
The whipped cream ended up every where! ;)
Mj wanted ice cream cake for his cake.  Yummy!!!
The birthday boy having so much fun!
Blowing out the candles.
The birthday boy
It really was such a fun day!  We're so thankful for the friends Mj has made since moving to Miami.  

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Amy said...

What a cool party! I need to save these ideas!

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