Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Messy, but Fun Easter Craft

I saw this craft idea on Pinterest and thought the kids would love it.  It was a little messier than I imagined, but we had a great time putting it together.  We talked about God's love for us as we put the soap on the window and as we put the cellophane on the window I talked about how Jesus took the punishment for all the bad things we have done and will ever do. What an amazing thing Jesus did for us!  As we see the cross on our back door every day, it's a great reminder of the love God has for us!
Putting the "glue" (soap) on the door. Next time we will not use as much! LOL
Putting the cellophane on.
The finished product.  It looks amazing at night!

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Our Family for His Glory said...

We did this one last year, and our kids loved it!! They wore bathing suits- which helped a lot! :) This morning the temperature here was at 0 degrees... so we might wait until next year when it will hopefully be warmer. ;)
Have a great weekend!

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