Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun at the Fair!

Last week we took the kids to the opening night of the Miami Dade County Youth Fair! This is a highlight of the year.  We look forward to it like we use to look forward to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.  We had so much fun and are already planning a trip back to the fair during spring break next week! ;)

Watching the amazing acts at the circus!
Job fell asleep on the way to the kiddie rides.
Riding the train with Aunt Lydia and Jules.
Devouring an elephant ear.  Mark and I were commenting how we don't get much elephant ear anymore and next year Job will be able to enjoy the delicious treat..... We may just have to buy 2 next year! ;)
Jadyn's friend Ali was at the fair, too!
Cousin picture with the chick-fil-a cow!
Watching the sheep.
My cute tomatoes.
Watching the baby chicks.  They are adorable!
Mj petting an alpaca.
They were so thankful that Mark took them to the fair!
I tried to keep Job bundled up.  Once the sun went down it was chilly.  Very weird for March in Miami.
Mj and I love the fair!

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