Thursday, March 21, 2013

We really do Love the Zoo

Last week we took Edye, Lydia, Julia, and baby Sydney to the zoo with us.  I'm so thankful for our pass!  The kids love the zoo and it never gets old!  The animals were really active so the kids were loving that! It was the perfect zoo day!

Gabe climbed the hippo at the playground.
My niece Jules takes a quick break on the bridge.
Jadyn & Gabe getting dizzy.
Jadyn and the gorillas.
Another photo shoot opportunity! ;)
Cooling off
Gabe was excited to beat Jadyn to the frog.
Checking out the elephants!
Gorilla Gabey Baby
Nothing like hugging a frog.
These 2 have so much fun together.
After a day at the zoo! ;)

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