Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating our Risen Savior

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! I love celebrating what this holiday means and the importance it is for our faith! Christ is alive!!!!!  I try to do some kind of activity with the kids each day of Passion week so I thought I'd share what we did this week.

Palm Sunday - Jesus enters Jerusalem.  The kids made people out of pipe cleaners.
Jadyn waving her palm branch.
The kids made playdough and made a hill and tomb for later in the week.
Mj working hard on his cross craft.
Jadyn deciding what color to use next.
Gabe making a mess! =)
The finished cross.
Gabe was pretty proud of his.
Jadyn's picture
Dying Easter eggs is always a highlight of our Easter traditions.
Jadyn lifting her blue egg out of the dye.
Gabe coloring his egg.
Lots of colorful eggs.
Mj's smiley egg.
Gabe checking his egg out.
Jadyn was very happy with her pink egg.
Making resurrection rolls.
Gabe dipping his marshmallows in cinnamon and sugar.
Ready to go in the oven.
Christ is risen!
Gabe was so excited to see the empty tomb!
Mj's tomb is empty, too.
We read the crucifixion story.
Sunday morning the kids woke up to find that Jesus is risen!!  Mark asked Gabe where Jesus was.  Gabe said, "He went bye! bye!" Then he yelled "Jesus is alive!" He sat down to eat his cereal and just kept staring at the tomb with a funny look on his face.  I think he really thought the pipe cleaner Jesus got up and left the house! LOL
Job's first Easter and I must say he looked very handsome!
Jadyn & MJ ready for Easter service.
Gabe was not too excited about his outfit.
Trying to get a picture with their cousin Julia.
Dressed in their Easter best!
My handsome husband and I in our Easter best.
Easter egg hunt time!
Gabe dove for the egg.
Jadyn found one by the tree.
Mj found the hard ones.
He also found the last egg that was the hardest with a little help from me! ;)

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