Friday, May 17, 2013

Awana Awards 2013

Wednesday night was Awana awards night.  The kids were so excited to finish up their year of Awana and receive their awards for their hard work.

The Puggles were absolutely adorable all lined up in a row and getting their certificates.  Gabe will be moving up to Cubbies in the fall.
Jadyn won Cubbie of the Year!  She was so excited to get a medal to wear around her neck.  She has only taken it off to sleep! LOL She will be moving up to Sparks in the fall!
Mj got an excellence trophy for finishing book 2 in Truth in Training
Jadyn & Mj pose with their awards!

 I'm so proud of the hard work they have put in to memorizing God's Word.  My prayer is that these verses don't just stay in their heads, but they would permeate into their hearts!  That they would see how each verse is about Christ!

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