Monday, June 24, 2013

2 Years

On June 15, we marked 2 years of living this life in Miami.
2 years ago our house was filled with boxes.
Our front yard was full of our church family working hard to pack up that huge moving truck.
We had a lot of stuff!
We said goodbye to good friends.
We said goodbye to family.
We said goodbye to our house which we had made so many memories in.
And we drove many, many hours and many, many miles.
The kids were crammed in our car.
I had my furry buddy by my side.
And after 3 days of traveling we made it to our new house.
And then we had to unpack. (We still have boxes that are unpacked)
We did some painting to the rooms.
And our house is looking like our home.
And you know what, after 2 years.... Miami is our home.
We have made many friends - these are our craziest friends (AKA our youth group)
Our kids have made some great friends, too.
And for that, we are grateful!
Friends make life happy!
It's crazy to think how much we really do enjoy living in this busy city of Miami.  Yes, we do miss the slower pace, open fields, and farmland of PA, but we can truly say that Miami is home.  And we know that it's only God Who can give us that feeling.  Knowing that we are in His will, gives us the peace we need when we miss our family, when we miss our HBC family, when we miss the quiet and slow pace of PA.  We're looking forward to many more years serving with our friends here in Miami!

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Our Family for His Glory said...

It's so fun to see how God has blessed you during these past two years!! ~Jessica

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