Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fortney's Take On Miami

We got back from the Wilds and headed right into vacation. Mark's family all came to Miami for a week.  It was a fun-filled and exhausting week!  Here's some pictures of our vacation.

Job enjoying some sand at Matheson Hammock Park.
The kids love their Papa.
Having fun with my sis-in-law Leah and niece Zoe.
Gabe loved the water slides at the water park!
Hanging out with my niece Julia.
Job loved the water park, too.  He wanted to be in the water at all times.
Jadyn makes a splash.
Jadyn & Gabe hanging on Uncle Benny.
The 3 baby cousins - Job (10 months), Zoe (6 months), Sydney (4 months)
The sis-in-laws and our babies!
The guys went to a Marlins game.
Gabe and I enjoyed riding together to Bayside.
Uncle Jonny bought the kids their first pair of crocs.  They were so excited.  Jadyn chose bright pink and green crocs.
Gabe chose the monster crocs.
Mj liked the blue and yellow crocs.
And I chose chameleon crocs for Job.
Time for some cousin fun at South Beach.
My little surfer dude.
Mj, Uncle Benny, & Jadyn enjoying the water.
Zoe & Job catch a nap in the shade.
Ryan, Jadyn, & Gabe having fun digging a hole with Uncle Jonny.
We went and saw Despicable Me 2 - I laughed so hard!
We had lunch at Chuck E Cheese on a rainy day.
Fun in the pool.
Job and Papa snuggling.
Cousin movie time.
Gabe & Ryan had a blast together! Oh the life of a 3 year old boy!
We enjoyed some fun at the mall play are!  You know you're going to have fun when you get to play on a waffle!
On the last day it was rainy so we took the kids to jump a roo to jump and slide and wear them out!
Micah & Jadyn having fun.
One last afternoon together.  The kids enjoyed playing some baseball in the back yard.

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