Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Wilds 2013

I'm finally back from a fun couple of weeks! The first week of July we traveled to North Carolina with a bus full of 46 teens and juniors to the Wilds Christian Camp.  It was a very wet week, a very fun week, a very encouraging week. Here's some pics from our time at the Wilds.

The bus loaded up and ready to go.  Nothing like a 15 hour bus trip over night to get you excited for camp!
Job's first bus trip and first trip to the Wilds!
This was Mj's 2nd year to go to Jr. Boot Camp at the Wilds. He was so excited!
Dropping off our 10 Jr Boot Campers!
We were able to see Mj throughout the week.  Mark joined him for a game of connect 4.
Job and I hung out in our room a lot trying to stay dry! Did I mention it rained a lot!
We actually had a dry afternoon to take a sponsor hike to the 2nd falls.  We didn't think we'd brave the 4th falls hike with the baby.
Job loved the hike!  He was talking to all the trees and I must say, I got quite the workout having him strapped into his carrier!
The water was freezing cold at the 2nd falls, but Job didn't seem to care!  He loved it! If you're wondering what he's staring at, he was flirting with the 3 girl life guards who were our guides for the hike. lol
Job enjoying some play time with his cousin Sydney.
Some of our JBCers showing off their Crew T-shirts!
We enjoyed hearing testimonies from the teens on Thursday at Family Reunion.  An added bonus was that Brent was at camp and roomed with some of our Miami boys. Brent was in our youth group in Pa.  It was so good to see him and we loved that our youth group treated him as one of the crew!
Job learned to pull up while we were at camp.
The creek was too high to go tubing!  I've never seen the creek this high!  Like I said, it rained a lot!
Job had a fever on the way home.  He was a trooper and we were all definitely very glad to be home!
Jadyn & Gabe were so excited to have MJ back home.  The night we got back from camp they begged to have a sleep over.  I walked in to check on them and they were sleeping like this.  Mj's feet are on Jadyn (she's hard to see in the bottom left corner) and Mj's arm is on top of Gabe.  They were so happy to be back together! So sweet!

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