Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our School Room

We finally got our school room ready for school. Good thing! We start school on Monday! I was really missing Pennyslvania when we decided to homeschool here in Miami.  We had an amazing school room that my husband and built for us.  It was huge, lots of storage, plenty of wall space for posters and everything else I could imagine to put on the walls. =)  Our house in Miami is very small, but we have made it work and I think it will work well.

 My husband did an awesome job making a desk and shelves in our storage/laundry room which will be where Mj will do his schoolwork. I have my teacher books, construction paper, and extra supplies on the shelves.
Most of the organization supplies are from IKEA.
In the brown cabinet I have Gabe's sensory bins.
The plastic stacked cubes were a find my husband found for free - gotta love that!  The bottom cube has our leappad, the next cube has our calendar notebooks and markers for the notebooks, next is Gabe's cube (his papers, markers, crayons), next is Jadyn's cube (papers, Bible coloring book, markers, crayons), next is Mj's cube (his textbooks and activity books), the top cube has my papers for the week, morning board items, and learning bin (this is for when the kids have some downtime.  They can pick an activity to do - Ipad learning game, board game, brain quests, etc.).
Looking into the storage/laundry/school room.
This is the playroom/schoolroom. And it's where Gabe and Jadyn will have school.
Our calendar, morning board, and calendar notebook time will be done out here.
The opposite end of the schoolroom/playroom. The white cabinet holds the puzzles and games.
This holds the children books and art supplies.
My little corner of the world.
I think this will work!
So that's our school room.  I love seeing other school rooms and getting ideas.  Check out some other homeschool rooms by clicking on the picture.


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Angela said...

I love your "teacher" area. Every year I say I need my own space- so that my stuff isn't spewed everywhere...but alas every morning I have to go looking for the last place I put my teacher's

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