Saturday, August 17, 2013

The End of Summer

We've enjoyed doing some fun things together to end our summer vacation off with a bang! Here's what we've been up to the past couple of weeks.

We enjoyed a beautiful day at Matheson Hammock with friends.  Gabe all by his lonesome while the big kids hunted for sea creatures.
Having lots of fun with great friends!
Job loves the sand!
We are so thankful for the friends we have here in Miami!  The beach is definitely better when you can spend the day with your friends!
We've been enjoying evenings in the backyard.
Job is getting so big! 
My crazy girl on the slide!
Trying to find Daddy in the tree. And yes, Gabe is dressed like a bumble bee. =)
Job's new love - the dishwasher.
We enjoyed some bowling together thanks to our Kids Bowl Free coupons.
Jadyn thought it was much easier than wii bowling!
Gabe patiently waiting for his ball to hit the pins.
Mj was proud of his score!
On Friday I took the kids for their big reward for completing their summer reading challenge I set up for them.  We finally got to visit Jungle Island!
An iguana chillin' on the sidewalk.  We walked right up to him.
Checking out the flamingos.
Seriously, my favorite part of the day!
So cool!
The kids loved watching the leopards.
We spotted a baby marmoset on the mom.
Up close and personal with the lion.
He was not in a good mood.
But it was great for a photo op!;)
Job and I ready to enjoy the show.
Hello flamingo!
"You wanna feed me?"
Gabe trying to feed the parrot.
Jadyn feeding the parrot.
Enjoying watching the fish and waterfall.
The kids loved watching the orangutan taking a bath.
I love these guys!
We are crazy!
Jadyn wanted to take a picture of me and Job by the waterfall.
Up close and personal with another iguana.
Jadyn and her new friend.
My boys and an alligator.
We had such a fun day!

Now we look forward to starting school on Monday and the adventures that await!

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