Saturday, October 19, 2013

Standing On Eggs... will they break?

Mj participated in his co-op's science fair on Tuesday.  His project was standing on eggs.  Seriously, a very cool project! We got the idea from Steve Spangler Science Experiments. Mj was nervous that the eggs would break and make a huge mess, but guess what? They didn't break! Jadyn couldn't wait to stand on the eggs.

 It's pretty awesome how God designed an egg.  Mj (and I) learned that the shape of the egg has a lot to do with why they won't break.  The top and bottom of the egg are the shape of a 3-dimensional arch which is the strongest architectural structure.  Also the curve of the shell helps distribute the pressure evenly around the egg. Our God is pretty amazing to take such care of a small egg! Mj also learned that the egg carton helps, too.  Josephy Coyle invented the egg carton to help protect eggs from the farm to wherever they needed to go.

Mj had to present his project at the science fair.  Can I just say that this momma was bursting with pride?  He presented his project all by himself and he had to go first! He had such great emotion as he read and he was pretty proud of himself for going off script! =)
Mj made his way around to all the projects and answered questions about each project.
 And this was the amazing view from the library where the science fair was held.  Just one of the perks of living in Miami! The ocean was just beyond those trees! ;)

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