Friday, November 22, 2013

Safari Edventure

This was probably the coolest field trip I've been on.  The kids learned about all types of animals and got to pet many of them.  Here's our field trip in pictures.

Petting a wallaby.

Job loved the Arctic Wolves.
Did you know that their are certain squashes that are grown to be sponges?
Trying a cranberry hibiscus leaf.  Not too bad.
The group.
Petting a blue tongued lizard.
Jadyn wasn't scared to pet the scorpion.
Putting the bull frog.  Did you know they use their eyes to swallow? 
Gabe loves alligators.
Mj helping to hold a python.
The chinchilla was adorable.  I wanted to take him home.
Petting and feeding the kangaroos was the highlight.
They love popcorn.
The kangaroo was very interested in Job's stroller.  I think he wanted to come home with us.

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