Friday, November 22, 2013

School the Past Couple of Weeks

Now that my computer is working it's time to catch you up on what's been going on.  Here's a crazy overload of pictures in no particular order.

Sophia the First works on time.
We mixed things up and did her sight words in her Educubes.  Lots of fun!
Job is now walking! He loves the Educubes, too.
Lots of reading is happening.
Job is all about stacking.
Adding word families to her notebook.
Gabe learned about the letter "K".
Working on 2-digit numbers.
Mj learned about Peru.
Gabe enjoyed matching the uppercase "T" turkeys and the lowercase "t" turkeys.
Jadyn's beautiful turkey.
For veteran's day Jadyn drew a picture of why she is thankful for veterans.
Jadyn learned that oil floats on water.
Practicing beginning sounds with thanksgiving words.
Gabe's minion craft for "M" week.
Gabe loved playing with his Despicable Me people.
Mj has been learning about weather.  We used his lava lamp to discuss hot air rising and cool air sinking.
Working on beginning addition.  Gabe loved to help out with the beans.
Gabe loves sensory bin time.
Working on mixed numbers.
Candyland fun!
Mj's diamante.
A fun field trip.  Petting arctic wolves.
Oh you know, just holding a python.
Job loved Minion week.
Jadyn's minion craft.
Jadyn is learning about animals and loved the lion craft we did.
More minion activities for Gabe.
Found this in Mj's school work - made my day!
Coloring Angry Bird papers together.
Job & Jadyn reading books together.
Mj made a cloud.
Working on those motor skills and color matching.
Puzzle time.
Gabe's soldier for Veteran's Day.
Job loves demolishing block towers.
And he loves building them, too.
A lamb craft.
We made Gingerbread Men after we read the story about the Gingerbread Men. Yummy way to end a story!



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