Monday, November 25, 2013

So Big, So Fast

I cannot believe how big Job is getting. It really seems like just a few days ago I was holding this sweet newborn who would snuggle all day with me.  Now I have a on the go, at all times toddler!  He still loves to snuggle, just not all day - there are things to do and things to chase!
I love watching him play and learn.  He's a studier.  He will watch the ball go into the basket several times just to see what happens. He's adventurous - climbing everything!!!  He loves to make us laugh!  If we don't laugh, it's ok.  He'll laugh for us!  I'm so thankful for this boy!

As long as he can see himself in my Iphone he'll let me take a pic!
He's so grown up! - Tear!!!

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