Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Gabe!

I still remember having a conversation with God while I was in the shower when Jadyn was 9 months old telling God that I was content. I had my boy and I had my girl. It was a 5 year wait for our girl and I was so thankful for the boy and girl that God had graciously given to us.  I figured IF God gave us another child it wouldn't be for another 4 or 5 years. Well..... several days after having that conversation, I was feeling...... like I might be pregnant. Boy was I shocked to see a positive pregnancy test. You see we were told by doctors that it was a miracle we even had our oldest - MJ. So we were shocked and beyond blessed to become pregnant with our daughter Jadyn. We never thought that 9 months later I would be pregnant. I remember Mark and I laughing that we didn't even have a chance to pray for another baby.
I can't imagine our family without our crazy, happy-go-lucky, clumsy Gabe (or as I affectionately call him Gabey-Baby). God's ways are not our ways and I am so thankful for that.
Gabe is so excited to be 4.  He's been telling us for weeks that he will be faster and stronger when he's 4.  So guess what he's been doing all morning - running as fast as possible.  I think he is faster now that he's 4. =)
We named him Gabriel Christian because Gabriel means "devoted to God" and Christian means "Christ follower" and that is the prayer of our heart that he would grow up to be a man completely devoted to God and a follower of Christ.
We love you Gabe and are so grateful that God graciously blessed our family with you! You bring so much happiness to our family!
Gabe at a few hours old.
Mj is such an amazing big brother to Gabe.  He looks after him and is a great teacher to him.
Ok, Jadyn is so teeny in this picture! Gabe and she are only 19 months apart.  They have a fun bond with each other. She is a little mommy to him.
Gabe - 1 year old.
Gabe - 2 years old
Gabe - 3 years old
Gabe - TODAY! 4 years old!

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