Friday, January 10, 2014

Our First Week Back in 2014

Back to school after our long Christmas break. I must say, it's nice to get back into a routine and the kids were surprisingly motivated and happy to be doing their school work. Here's what we did this week.

MJ - 5th Grade
Mj started the chapter on Why did God create me? We had a good discussion with him and Jadyn on why God created us and how that should make us act.

English: Mj worked on singular/plural and nominative/objective case pronouns.

Math: Mj is finishing up his chapter on adding and subtracting fractions.  I was thankful he remembered a lot over the break.

Science: Mj's began the chapter on ecosystems.  He learned about food chains and food webs.

History: Mj is studying economics this chapter. We talked about capitalist economies, socialist economies, and communist economies.  We discussed the law of supply and demand, consumers and manufacturers, and monopolies.

Extra: I love Mj's daily drawings.  It's been fun to see him excited each day to draw something new.  His picture on Tuesday was beautiful!

Jadyn - Kindergarten
We began this week by reviewing our letters and the sounds they make.  We did a lot of ABC stamping to help.

Jadyn learned about blends this week.  We started off with the "st" blend.  She was excited about her stop sign to help her remember the new blend.
Adding her new words to her word family charts.
Beginnings: Jadyn learned about mountains and mountain music this week.
Jadyn loved our volcano we made together!
Jadyn also made a kazoo for her mountain music instrument.
Gabe - Tot School
Gabe enjoyed learning about the letter P. He was really into coloring this week so that's what he did.
Working hard on his "P" paper.
Coloring his Hot Wheel paper.  Can I just say how much I love Crayola's Color Wonder markers! 
Job - Tiny Tot School
Job wants to be just like his big brothers and big sister.  He was so excited when I got the crayons and coloring book out for him to work on his papers, too.
Thankfully, his new Christmas toys are great entertainment while I'm working on school with the big kids.  Our dog Streak, is a good babysitter. LOL
We were able to go on a field trip yesterday to see how boats are made.  You can check out my post about our field trip here. It was a fun and interesting field trip.

 You can check out other homeschoolers weeks at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. I love seeing what other families are up to. 


Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

What fun! The volcano looks great. Did you use a cup? Was it playdough? We are making one this week and I'm looking for ideas :).

Tiff said...

I use a small mason jar and play dough. :)

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