Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just One of Those Days...

Missing my mom today. It's hard to believe that she's been in the presence of Jesus for almost 13 years.  Every day I have the longing to call her up on the phone and tell her about my day, share what crazy things the kids did today, ask her for advice and listen to her encouraging words. How I wish my kids had the opportunity to know her, to be spoiled by her, and to be loved by her.

I wish she could see what an amazing young man Mj is turning into.  I wish she could see his tender heart to those around him. I wish he could share with her the cool things he's learning and his lego creations. 
I wish I could get advice on this one.  She is a little me and I now know that I was not an easy cookie to raise! LOL  I wish Jadyn could feel the love of her grandma, sing all the "Frozen" songs over and over to her. I wish my mom could see this crazy little personality who is so full of life.
I wish my mom would get to laugh at our family comedian, Gabe.  I'm sure I would be calling my mom a lot to ask if this bump on his head is serious, if this cut needs stitches,etc.  He is our clutzy one. =)  
My mom would love to squeeze this adorable one!  I wish she could hear Job copying everything everyone says to him.  I know she would have a blast getting him to say funny things. 
In all the "wishes" and sadness I know God is in control and He gives me peace and strength when I need it.

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