Friday, April 25, 2014

Week in Review - We're in Countdown Mode

We had a great week. With the end of our school year coming to a close, we're starting to wrap up some subjects and our load is getting easier!  Here's what we did this week.

MJ - 5th Grade
Bible: Mj finished his Bible curriculum.  We used Apologia's Who is God? and we both really enjoyed it.  Mj will be doing the next volume in the series next year.

English: Conjunctions, Complex Sentences and Compound Sentences.  He wasn't too excited! LOL

Math: Mj finished up his chapter on Ratios, Rates, & Percents. 

History: We talked about the 1980s.  Kind of scary that some of the stuff he was learning about I remembered! Yikes!  I feel old.  He was really interested in the Challenger so we did some extra research on that.  He learned why the shuttle exploded and a little about the crew.

Science: Mj started his last chapter on the circulatory system. He was pretty amazed by how many veins, arteries, and capillaries are in our body.  What an amazing God that created us!

I was a bad mom and had no pictures of Mj.  He actually did most of his school work this week independently so that's why there's a lack of pictures.

Jadyn - Kindergarten

Beginnings: Jadyn learned about the White House (she now thinks we need a bowling alley in our house, too), Mt. Vernon and our flag.

Phonics: Jadyn is doing so well with her reading.  The new curriculum I got for her is really working out great for her and for me! I'm so proud of her!
It was a perfect morning for some outdoor reading.
 Math: Jadyn did a lot of work on subtraction this week.
Jadyn loves when we get the unifix cubes out for math.

Gabe - Totschool
Gabe is all about coloring right now so I gave him lots of pages to color.  His letter this week was "Y".  He colored a lot of spring pictures, too.

Job - Teeny Tot School
Job is all about doing what the big kids are doing.  He was all about coloring papers at the table with us or playing outside in his cozy coupe.

We had such a great day of school today that I surprised the kids and took them to the zoo for a couple of hours.
My two scary lions!
Job & Mj cool off in the splash pad.
The orangutans and gibbons were showing off for us as we were leaving!
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