Thursday, May 1, 2014


On Monday we were able to spend a fun day together at LEGOLAND! It was a homeschool day there so we were able to get a great deal on tickets!  The coolest thing was that the day we planned to go to LEGOLAND, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their family were planning on going the same day and we had no idea.  So the added bonus was seeing our out-of-state family at LEGOLAND and spend the day with them.  Here's some pictures from our fun day!

Welcome to LEGOLAND!
Job checking out how high the sky view is.
Gabe & I ready to see LEGOLAND from the sky.
Job's first carousel ride! 
Checking out San Francisco in Legos.
Micah, Ryan, & Gabe hanging out with Darth Vader.
Mj loved the Star Wars section.
Gabe & Mark on the safari ride.
Jadyn's first roller coaster ever! After the initial "I'm scared" hill she loved it and rode every roller coaster at LEGOLAND!
Job loved climbing in and out of the Lego car.
After Jadyn's 2nd roller coaster.  This roller coaster loving momma is so happy to finally have a kid to ride roller coasters with.  Mj's not a roller coaster fan.
Taking a break with MJ.
Job helping his cousin Zoe put her shoe on.
Micah & Jadyn were all about the roller coasters.  This was their favorite.
Gabe wasn't too sure about this ride.  At least he had Big Brother MJ to hold on to.
Gabe loved the Lego camel.
Gabe & Ryan enjoying a ride together.
Cooling off in the Chima section of LEGOLAND.
The 9 cousins had a fun and exhausting day together!

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