Friday, May 30, 2014

What Has Summer Vacation Looked Like So Far

Now that our school year is over what have we been doing on summer vacation.... Well, we've been keeping busy.  The first thing I did was spring clean my house! LOL  Sorry, no pictures of that. I've got a schedule for the kids for the summer.  Each day is something special to do - Make it Monday, Take a Trip Tuesday, Wet & Wild Wednesday - Thinking Thursday - Friendly Friday.  I also have a schedule throughout the day.  The kids really do so well when they can see what comes next. We've got Bible Time, Outdoor time, Art or Piano, Reading, Review Time (they each do some review work from school so they don't forget everything they have learned.  Jadyn really needs this and is loving having school work to do.  Mj doesn't enjoy it, but he does it anyway. lol), Ipad Time, TV time, Clean Up time.  I move things around every day so they don't know what the day holds for them.  So what else have we been up to....

Mark's been playing softball Monday nights with a bunch of guys from church. We've enjoyed watching him play.
Job always finds something fun to do outside. On this day fitting himself in a 5 gallon bucket was tons of fun.
We've been doing lots of reading!
And lots of cooking.
We got to check out a new park with some friends.

MJ is the human rollercoaster for the little kids.
We've gone to some birthday parties.

We've been kind to each other (don't worry! My kids aren't strange they do fight ALOT, but for some reason I don't have pictures of the fighting. lol)
We've enjoyed some fun art projects.

Job checks on our lizard that lives in our garden hose every morning.
We've played lots of games.
And we've enjoyed some fun movie time together.
Did I mention that we've been to birthday parties? =)

So that's what we've been up to and summer has just begun!


KJ Kosh said...

So what does "Thinking Thursday" or "Friendly Friday" usually include? What kind of activities do you do?

Tiff said...

Thinking Thursday is where we take something that we want to study (volcanoes, kangaroos, Legos, etc) and we find youtube vidoes, visit the library, do research and learn more about a specific thing.
Friendly Friday is doing something for those around us. Making cookies for a neighbor, having a friend over for the day, helping at our church's camp - Mainly a day to get the focus off our ourselves and put our focus on others.

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