Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jadyn's Frozen Birthday Party

Jadyn was so excited to have a Frozen birthday party. It's very difficult to make it seem like winter in June in Miami, but we did our best.

A friend of mine let us borrow some fun Frozen party things.  Jadyn loved the big cutout of Elsa & Anna.
Hard to see in this pic, but I made blue and white pom poms and the kids made paper snowflakes.
"Ice".  The kids loved walking through it.
Mj was a huge help.  He helped me put the labels on the melted Olaf water bottles.
I had some Frozen coloring pages for the kids to do. We also did Ice Painting which I don't have any pictures of.  I made a solution of equal parts Epsom salt and water.  When they painted it looked like water but when it dried it looked like ice crystals.  It turned out really cool.
Job loved the bubble machine.
The best part - playing with friends.
Pin the nose on Olaf.
Katelynn got pretty close.
Not sure how Gabe did it, but he pinned the nose right on Olaf's nose.
The drinks.
Arandelle Fjord Water (Blue Hawaiian punch and lemonade)
Melted Olaf (AKA water)
Yummy food! Elsa's Snow Tower and Kristoff's Ice (Blue Jello in the shape of ice cubes.)
Anna's Frozen Hearts (white chocolate covered strawberries.) These were quite the hit.
Sven Antlers (pretzels) and Olaf Noses (baby carrots)
Jadyn with her Elsa & Anna cakes that her Aunt Lydia made.  They were amazing!!!!
The party animals!
Jadyn needed a lift from Daddy to help her blow out her candles.
Another friend had a Elsa piƱata that they didn't use at her daughter's party so she let us use it.  There was candy everywhere!
Playing a fun game of Elsa & Anna (like red light/green light)
The party favors - Hershey Hugs

It was a fun time with friends celebrating our special girl!

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