Monday, June 2, 2014

My Workout Love

I realized I haven't posted anything recently about my workouts and what I've been doing to stay healthy.  I've found my workout love and it is REFIT!  I started going to a Zumba class at the beginning of the year on Saturdays and really have fallen in love with it.  I wanted to be able to do Zumba at home so I started googling Christian Zumba and I found Refit.  They have playlists on Youtube so every day I'd choose a playlist and go through it.  I seriously, love it!!  They started REFIT on Demand maybe a month or so ago. For $9.99 a month you get live streaming to their classes or you can watch one of their archived videos.  It's always new and I am loving it!  I'm a sweaty mess by the end of the workout.  So if you're looking for something new or you just want to shake your groove thing.  Go and check them out!
And maybe, they're reading this post and will choose me to partner with. ;)  Here's hoping!

Here's me a sweaty mess with my little cheerleader Job after a Refit workout.  He's got some pretty good dance moves, too! ;)

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