Friday, August 22, 2014

Our First Week of School

Weekly Wrap-Up
We had a pretty good first week back to school.  We're finding our groove and it really is overall going very well.  Here's what we did this week.
MJ-6th Grade
6th grade is no joke.  The work load has been more than in the past.  More writing is required which Mj is not happy about, but he really has done well this week.

Bible: Mj is on book two of the Apologia Bible series, Who Am I? (And What Am I Doing Here?)

English: Reviewing sentence structure.

Math: Reviewing place value and decimals.

History: Mj has learned about historians and how they gather information.  We've discussed world views and talked about the Creation of the World.  He wrote an awesome first essay about what historians use to gather information.

Science: Earthquakes and Volcanoes.  Mj is loving it!
A little experiment using the scientific method.  How many pennies does it take to break an uncooked fettuccini noodle? 86
Mj with the help of his crew made a structure that could withstand an earthquake.
Eating the building was a lot of yummy fun!
Art: I'm using HomeArt Studio DVDs for art.  My kids love it!  Mj made a shade scale.
Jadyn - 1st Grade
Jadyn has loved getting back into a school routine.
Bible: Jadyn is learning the days of Creation and making a Creation book.
When we talked about God making water on Day 2, we did a fun experiment to see if fresh water or salt water was heavier.
Phonics & English: Jadyn has been reviewing her letters (T, I, S, N, & W)
Math: Jadyn reviewed her numbers 1-10 and learned which of those numbers are even.
History: Jadyn learned that God created an amazing world for her to live in.  And we are to take care of the world God made us.
Science: Jadyn is learning about the 5 senses.
Spanish: Jadyn learned how to say "hello" and "how are you?" And we began learning colors.
Coloring her  "rojo" page.

She spent a lot of time this week making bracelets on her rainbow loom.
 One of those "This is why we homeschool" moments was this morning, when I saw Jadyn teaching Job where the continents were.
Gabe - Preschool
I really wanted to focus on Gabe this week and make "school" fun for him.  We focused on the letter "B", "#1", and circles.
Matching Uppercase and Lower case "B" butterflies.

Coloring his "B" Wordy Worm page.
B is for Batman.
Gabe loved the magnet letters.
We worked on following directions to color his bug page.
Making alphabet chains.
My Gabe has such a creative imagination.  Everything is a story.  I told him to draw a picture of a person bouncing a ball.  He did that, then added monsters bouncing balls cause they came and ate the people, then he drew his imaginary friend Michael bouncing a ball and then he drew sharks cause we all know sharks like to bounce balls, too.  Oh, I love listening to his stories.
Finding all the "Bs" on the paper.
Gabe got to glue a star on his "B" square for learning "B" this week!
Job - Totschool
Little erasers kept him entertained one morning.
He was excited when I got the food out and had him put them in the oven.
B is for balloon so we had a lot of fun with some balloons.
Gabe & Job loved play dough time.  Wow! was my floor a mess.
Fun Together
Calendar Notebook Time around the table.

We're going on an Expedition around the Earth and our trip started in China.  We learned about the Great Wall of China. We learned how to say some words in Mandarin.  We learned about animals that live in China.  It was a lot of fun!

One day for lunch I grabbed some Panda Express so we could enjoy some Chinese food.  I'm the only on in the family that likes Chinese food.  More for me! =)

We ended our first week by spending the morning at the beach with friends.  A perfect way to end a good start to our school year. 
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Daksina said...

Lovely pictures! Can I ask which Spanish book your little one is using pls?

Tiff said...

Daksina - It's called "The Complete Book of Starter Spanish" from American Education Publishing. I got it on Amazon.

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