Saturday, August 16, 2014

Where we Homeschool

We have a tiny house so we kind of do our schooling all over the house. I thought I'd give you a little tour of our homeschool areas.

This is our playroom.  This is where Gabe & Job will hopefully be entertained with educational playing and free play.
I love the trofast system from IKEA.  Great way to keep the toys organized and easy for the kids to clean up.  We have a lot of blocks, hotwheels cars, play food, Melissa & Doug stacking toys.  In the Rubbermaid bins to the left of the trofast system are school manipulatives - flash cards, unifix cubes, alphabet magnets, learning links, geometric shapes, education cubes, and cups and bowls for sensory  play.
The bigger toys are on these shelves.  We have 3 boys so lots of cars and trucks and buses are in our toy stockpile!
This is our game closet.  The bottom shelf has puzzles, but everything else is card games and board games.
Here is our reading corner.  I try to keep the shelves somewhat organized.  The top shelf are educational books for MJ and teaching materials for church. The next shelf are leftover arts and crafts in the bin and coloring books. The next 2 shelves are books for the little kids and the bottom shelf are puzzles for Job & Gabe.  The blue and gray bin store Thomas the train tracks and some big balls.
The other side of the playroom.
Our paper roll and art crayons and my amazing globe!  I love that globe!  It was a thoughtful gift from friends of ours last year.  It glows!!!
Jadyn & Gabe's school area.
This is Mj's domain. It's actually our storage room and laundry room, but Mj also uses it for school.  It's great for his independent work.  He closes the door and has peace and quiet from the craziness around him! I store my teacher's books and manipulatives on the shelves.
This is where I store our chalk board (from IKEA - I love it). On the top shelf I have my craft supplies and stickers. next shelf are sensory bin items, alphabet manipulatives for Gabe and Jadyn's reader books she likes to read, bottom shelf is science experiments and some Usborne Encyclopedias.
Beside those shelves are the kids "cubbies".  This is where they find their text books, work books, and whatever else they may need for the day.
The top shelf are my folders where I have the week's papers organized for the week. Next shelf is MJ's cubbie.
Then Jadyn's cubbie, Gabe's cubbie, and the bottom shelf are scrap paper for drawing.

We will do our group learning, art projects, and science experiments in our dining room.
The hallway is where their artwork gets hung up.  You can see the artwork we've done over the summer.  And our world map for our Expedition Earth study.  The pocket chart on the door has their chores for the day.
And our backyard - yes we do a lot of learning out here, too.
So that's where we homeschool.  I'm grateful for a handy husband who can makes desks and turn storage rooms into school rooms.  I'm thankful that we have the space to use to homeschool.  I'm excited to start our new year on Monday with these kids of mine!  Stay tuned to what this year will hold for us! =-)

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