Thursday, September 11, 2014

Honoring Our Fire Fighters & Police Officers

Last year we started a tradition of making cookies for our fire fighters and police officers on 9/11.  My children were not born yet to see the tragedies of that horrific day, but I want them to understand the sacrifice that so many men and women make for us to remain safe.  So yesterday we baked and baked and then today we delivered yummy cookies and home made cards to our community heroes.

We went to one of our fire stations first.
The firemen were so excited we brought them cookies they wanted to show us around their station.  The kids loved trying on the firefighter helmets.
Mj looks good as a fireman.
Jadyn being cheesy with her fire fighter helmet.
It was a bit heavy for Job's head. LOL
After stopping by our 2nd fire station we went to the police station.  The police officers were so in awe of us stopping by to thank them.  They said no one had ever done that before.  We got a tour of the station and bags full of coloring books and crayons.  The kids loved it!
The kids left telling me it was the best day ever! What a great opportunity for them to show the love of Jesus to those serving our community.

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