Thursday, October 30, 2014

We're a Mini Van Family!

Yesterday, we became owners of a 2012 Honda Odyssey! We've been looking for 6 months for it, and God had this one waiting for us!  We've had a Ford Explorer and I loved it, but with 4 kids it was kind of cramped especially grocery shopping and when we make the long drive to Pennsylvania from Miami.  So last summer when we drove to PA, we rented a mini van to try it out.  We fell in love and the search for a mini-van began!  This mini van exceeds all that we could ever have wanted in a vehicle.  It will be perfect for the long drive to PA at Christmas.  The kids have space, there is a DVD player, lots of cup holders, a great sound system, there is even a holder for a grocery bag for trash, oh and did I say space yet! LOL The kids were pumped about the DVD player and Mj loved the video game hook up. Oh and I freaked them out when my phone connected to the mini van and my playlist started playing their favorite Josh Wilson song.  God is so amazing and we truly do not deserve this amazing vehicle!
This was Mark & I driving home. We were just a wee bit excited!


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Tiffany Nicole said...

so fun! Last year we joined the mini van club, too. Enjoy! Never thought it would happen but God is always full of surprises! =)

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