Sunday, November 2, 2014

Little Farm Field Trip

 On Thursday we had a fun morning with our co-op for our field trip to Little Farm.  The kids learned all about the different farm animals and got to pet everything!  They had so much fun!

Mj milking a goat.
 Job loved the piglet!
 Gabe feeding the goats.
 Checking out the tiger moth caterpillar overhead.
 Job wanted to keep the baby chick.
 The told the kids to only use 2 fingers to pet the chick.  I was laughing watching Gabe use 2 fingers to pet the baby chick! ;)
 Job up close and personal with a rooster.
 Gabe meeting Tom the turkey.
 Jadyn loves horses.
 Job loved the horsey ride, too.  He didn't need my help at all! He's such a big boy!
The group!
 We got pumpkins to take home, too!

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