Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Busy Two Weeks

Weekly Wrap-Up

We've had a kind of crazy two weeks.  We definitely have not kept to my nice schedule, but that's ok. At least, I keep trying to tell myself it's ok and reminding myself that flexibility is one of the beauties of homeschooling. ;) So I thought I'd just give a quick update via pictures of what's been going on the past two weeks.
On Martin Luther King Jr Day we enjoyed a day off since my husband had off work.  We wanted to visit some place new so we went to Biscayne National Park. We had so much fun exploring the visitor's center and learning about the aquatic wild life in the park and then going on a nature hike and getting to see and observe the animals around us.  They said there was a manatee spotted, but we didn't see it. =(
The visitors center was so much fun to explore.
 Jadyn loved getting the magnifying lens out and studying everything.
At the end of the trail was just beautiful water!  The kids had fun counting all the birds.
One day Jadyn came to me and asked if she could read her Bible.  This is huge for her.  Reading is not easy, and she usually doesn't ask me to read.  She read Genesis 1 up through the 4th day of creation.
Some spelling fun with our magnet letters.
Gabe is all about puzzles right now!
If you can't find Mj, go check his room.  He's probably in there making some sort of Lego masterpiece.  One day he made himself some Lego glasses.
 Mj has been studying electronics and circuits.  He had fun making an electromagnet.
 Gabe's love of puzzles has been contagious.  Job is starting to love them, too.
Job has been building lots of blocks recently, too.
My brother-in-law Ben spent a couple of days with us this past weekend before heading to Honduras for a year to teach at a school there. We had a lot of fun hanging out with him and he taught the kids a lot of interesting things about Honduras.  When we went to the library we picked up a bunch of books about Honduras.
Jadyn is learning about matter in science.  We've talked about solids and liquids.  She learned that some liquids can mix.
Some liquids do not mix.
And then we had a race to see which liquid flowed faster.
Job has become my little chef in training.

So we've been busy, and have had some unexpected days off of school but learning is always happening just not always in front of a book! ;)  Be sure to check out Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to check out other homeschoolers and their week.

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