Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas 2014

We came back from Christmas vacation and all had the stomach bug and then got a respiratory virus, so this is the first I've actually had a chance to blog about our Christmas!  It's been crazy! So here's our Christmas in pictures!

The Thursday before Christmas we celebrated our Christmas as a family.  We got the kids new scooters for Christmas and then took them over to the ranch to let them ride there scooters all over the place!  They love their new scooters!
 Early the Saturday before Christmas, we loaded up the mini van and started the long journey from Miami to Pennsylvania.
 Thank goodness for Play Places.  They are the perfect spot to eat and let the kids run off some energy!
 And thank goodness for the DVD player in our minivan!
 We spent the night in Charlotte and the kids got to open up their new Christmas jammies!
 When we made it to Pennsylvania, my brother's family was anxiously waiting for us!  The cousins were so excited to be reunited!  They played lots of basketball in the hallway!
 I actually got to take a nap with Job our first full day in PA.  This never happens! I never get a chance to nap and Job never lets me snuggle him during naptime!
 We met up with our Miami neighbors in Lancaster to visit the Tabernacle. The kids thought it was hilarious that we went all the way to PA to see our friends from down the street in Miami.
 So glad I got to see this lady in Pa.  It's fun to familiar Miami faces in Pa!
 We took the kids to Strasburg after visiting the Tabernacle to see some trains.
 And a visit to Lancaster isn't complete with out seeing our favorite Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue!
 I had so much fun hanging out with my niece Bria and nephew Riley!
 My SIL and brother bought me this necklace for Christmas!  It was such a thoughtful gift!  I absolutely love it!  I may live in Florida, but Pennsylvania still has a huge piece of my heart.
 We got to visit our former church for the Candlelight service. It was so exciting to see their new church building which is absolutely gorgeous and worship together with friends.
 Christmas with the Fortneys.  The Miami cousins having fun together.
 Uncle Benny was very nice to let Jadyn try out his brand new camera.
 Uncle Jonny showing the kids how to make coffee.
 A trip to PA is never complete without a visit to Chocolate World.
 It was actually very mild while we were in PA which was great cause the kids did a lot of playing outside together with their cousins.
 Watching Frozen together while the adults play games.
 After 9 days it was time to load up the van and head back to Miami.
 It was foggy in the mountains, but we got to see some beautiful snow on the drive back.
We're thankful for the safety God gave us in traveling, the fun time with friends and family, and that we are now all healthy again.

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