Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Break Had to End - Back to School!

Weekly Wrap-Up
Our first week back to school after Christmas break. It was a pretty good week.  We didn't have too much kicking and screaming (lol). Here's what we did this week.

MJ - 6th Grade

English: Mj worked on personal, possessive, reflexive, intensive, and interrogative pronouns.

Math: Dividing decimals.  Also known as Mj's arch nemeses. We're getting there, but it's not an easy battle.
While the rest of the country is freezing, I'm thankful that our "cold" days we can spend outside doing school.  It really is absolutely beautiful this time of year here in South Florida! Mj was deep in thought working on his Math paper.

Science: Mj learned about acids and bases. We talked about the ph scale, too.
Seeing which solutions were acids and which were bases.
History: Mj learned about Ancient Persia.  He learned about Cyrus the Great and Darius.  He also learned about the Royal Road.  He's excited to learn about their battles with the Greeks next week.
Photography: Mj got a camera from his Papa over Christmas break and he's been anxious to try it out.  I bought him a Photography curriculum about composition and photo journaling from the Foto Finch.  He's so excited about taking this course.  He had his first lesson this week.
Jadyn was very excited to be Mj's model.
One of Mj's pictures he took of Jadyn.
Art: Mj did a one point perspective drawing.  He loves art and I'm so happy with the HomeArt Studio DVDs that we are using for Art.
Jadyn - 1st Grade
Phonics & English: This week Jadyn reviewed her letter sounds.  We went through the short and long vowels and the vowel buddies.  Some days were a struggle.  She had forgotten some sounds and got frustrated.  It's hurts to see her struggle and get frustrated, but then other days I see her spelling by herself and wanting to read and write and it makes me happy.  She is working so hard, and I'm so proud of the accomplishments she is making along the way.
Math: Jadyn learned about measuring length, mass, and capacity.  She loved being able to use her ruler to measure the length of everything she could find.
Science: Jadyn is learning about wild animals.  We had fun going to the park and seeing if we could find any wild animals or their tracks or homes.  We found some squirrels!
History: Jadyn is learning about Washington D.C. She learned about the capital building, the White House and the Washington Monument.  She wants a bowling alley in her house like the White House has. 
Art: Jadyn made a Mexican poncho in art this week.  Have I mentioned that we love the HomeArt Studio DVDs. =)
Not every day was perfect.  Jadyn wasn't thrilled on Wednesday when we had our first "full" day back to school, but it did get better.  I love this picture.  She has such a little attitude sometimes.  I need to remember the bad and the good! ;)
Gabe - Preschool
Gabe has been all about puzzles this week! He got some new ones for Christmas and he has put them together about 25 times so far! ;)

 Gabe learned about the letter Q this week.  I love the Wordy Worm phonics curriculum I bought at a homeschool convention last year. It was and is a huge help to Jadyn and it has been a huge hit with Gabe.  If he can't remember the letter I just show him the sign and he sings the song all by himself and remembers the letter!  It really has been a great asset to our homeschool curriculum.

We talked about winter this week, too.  Gabe doesn't understand why it won't snow in Miami if it's winter.  Because obviously, winter means snow!  We had fun coloring snowmen pictures together though!
Job - Totschool
Job is busy, busy, busy.  Most days he plays outside.  We got him a bubble lawnmower for Christmas and he is usually outside mowing the lawn. Again, I'm so thankful to live in South Florida in the winter!  It is awesome!
Job needed a break from mowing the lawn to do some coloring.
He loves to get the unifix cubes out.  He usually makes a huge mess with them, but at least he cleans up his messes! ;)
Extra Fun:
We got the game Quirkle for Christmas and Jadyn & Mj are loving it!  I think we've played it almost every night this week!

So that's what our week looked like.  You can check other homeschool blogs out at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

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