Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Gabe!

 I cannot believe Gabe is 5 today!  We had such a fun day celebrating him.  We took the family to Jungle Island.
Gabe ready for a fun birthday!
 Jungle Island fun with these crazies!
 Can you spot the iguana?
 Checking out the birds.
 Feeding the flamingos.
 We loved the bird show.
 A lion and tiger, but no bear!
Gabe walking with a tiger.
Enjoying the park!
He makes my heart happy!
 Ready for another show.
 Job touched a llama.
 Jadyn loved the tortoises.
 Some silly statue fun.
 Feeding a macaw. So cool!
 Job feeding the parrot.
 Gabe's turn to feed the parrot.
 Getting up close and personal with the iguana.
 Can't believe this kid will be turning 12 in 9 days!
 Oh you know, just chilling with a manu.
 Happy guys!
 When we got home, Gabe had some gifts to open.  He was surprised to get his first lego set and it was a Spiderman set from his Uncle Dutch & Aunt Julie!

We are so thankful that God has entrusted Gabe to us!  He brings so much laughter into our lives!  We love you Gabe!!!

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