Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up Time

Weekly Wrap-Up

MJ - 6th Grade
Bible: Mj has been learning about how the Christian life is like a race. He's been reading how to run the race the best that he can.  I really love Apologia's Bible series.  It's very practical and has been a huge help in my own Christian life.
English: Pronouns. Mj's not a fan of Grammar, but we made it as fun as we possibly could.  We watched some School House Rock videos on youtube to review our parts of speech.
Math: Dividing by decimals.  6th Grade math is not for the faint of heart! ;)  We will survive this though. Do any of you have any good math apps for 6th grade?  I'm looking for some fun apps that would make this a bit more fun and be helping him, too.
History: Mj finished his chapter on ancient Persia.  He enjoyed reading about the Persian Wars and it was neat to be reminded how God used the Persians in the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
Science: Mj is learning about electricity.  He learned about different types of circuits.  We went outside and checked out our electric meter on our house, too to see how many volts and kilowatts we have used.
Co-op:  Co-op classes started up for the spring semester this week.  Mj is taking taekwondo and Foundations of our Nation.
Jadyn - 1st Grade

Bible: Jadyn learned about the Israelites crossing the Jordan river and the battle of Jericho.  She had fun making a trumpet and marching around the "walls of Jericho". Job wanted to be a part of the action, too.
Phonics & English: Jadyn learned about the 2 sounds that "c" can make.  She also learned about synonyms.
Math: Jadyn started learning about 2-digit addition.
Social Studies: Jadyn has been learning about Washington D.C.  She learned about the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial.
Jadyn had fun making the Washington Monument.
Science: Jadyn is finishing up her chapter on Wild Animals.  We talked about different wild animals and where they live and what they eat.
Co-op: Jadyn is taking an American Girl class and a Ballet Class. She looks forward to Tuesdays!
Gabe - Preschool
Gabe is learning about the letter "R" this week. He enjoyed some Netflix alphabet videos this week, too.
 Matching the letters to spell rainbow.
Expedition Earth: The kids have been enjoying our Expedition Earth curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler this year.  This week we learned about Canada.  The kids were mesmerized by the Hotel de Glace which is a hotel that they build every year because it's made of snow and ice.  It's absolutely beautiful.  We had fun making our own ice hotel! 

Field Trip: We took a field trip with our co-op to the Science Museum this week.  It was a blast and the kids had so much fun!  I think they even learned some things while we were there, too.
Waiting for our Planetarium show. That smile didn't last on Job's face.  He freaked out when the lights went out. 
Job & Gabe discovering magnetic slime.
 The kids loved the tornado.
 Dancing on a lighted floor.
 Nothing cooler than a ginormous tire.
 This was a favorite!
It's a snake!
Our fun group!
Mj trying out an exhibit with his friends.
 The "lightning" ball as my kids called it.
 Hurricane force winds.
Pilot MJ
Job loved this exhibit.  Mj was a great big brother and kept finding the balls for him to put in the hole.
So that was our week.  It's great to be back in our routine and it was even better to have a field trip to break up the week!  How was your week?  Check out other homeschooler's weeks at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. 

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