Friday, March 13, 2015

The Fair

We look forward to the fair every year! So the kids were so pumped when we told them yesterday that the fair open that day and we were going!

We started our fair experience watching the high divers.
They were very fun to watch!
Jadyn & Gabe got their pictures with 2 of the high divers.
Jadyn and Gabe were so excited to find their artwork they entered for the craft exhibits had both one first place! Their pictures are the Egyptian pyramids behind them. (We looked all over for Mj's project but couldn't find it.  We'll look again when we go to the fair again in a week or so)
We were glad to go to the fair with our friends Ali & Zoe.  They loved the fire truck.
Cute tomatoes.
Mj and I checking out the fun stuff at the fair. Ummm... he is seriously almost as tall as me!
Gabe loved the butterfly exhibit.  This butterfly stayed with him the whole time.
Hello camel!
Job loves animals!  He loved mooing at the cow.
Fun with friends at the fair!

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