Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vacation to Bonita Springs & Naples

Last week we were able to get away and take a vacation to Bonita Springs and Naples.  It's so beautiful on the west coast of Florida and it's a nice change from the city life of Miami. We had a relaxing time enjoying the beach and just being a family together without any interruptions. Here's some pics from our week.

Monday: We went down to Naples and enjoyed one of our favorite beach spots.

Seriously, even though we live close to the beach we just can't get enough of the beach! We all love it!
Job getting ready to dig for some buried treasure in the sand.
My little fish Jadyn, took a break from swimming to dig in the sand.
Mark and Mj had a blast throwing their wave ball back and forth.
Taking a pic of our beach hair.
Learning never stops, and even on vacation we were discovering cool sea creatures that God created. The nine-armed sea star was so cool and we found a lot of them every day! We've never seen them before so it was exciting to discover them. We got to see some that had regenerating arms.
Jadyn loved catching the sea stars.
Even Job held one.
Mj found a cool conch shell.
See that rain in the background, well it moved faster than what we thought and we ended up drenched as we ran for the car. 
Tuesday - We went to Wiggins Beach in Bonita Springs.

We got to see this turtle enjoying a snack on the side of the road.
Picture perfect
In the afternoon the waves got bigger and the kids had a blast!
We enjoyed dinner at Chick-fil-a and it was Kids' Day so Jadyn got her face painted as Wonder Woman. She lost a tooth the evening before. Seriously, I think she needs dentures. =)
Gabe was excited about his snake painting.
We went down to the pier in Naples.  The sunset was beautiful with a storm n the background.
Rain, Lightning and Thunder in the distance.
Looking for dolphins.
We found one.
This guy was showing off for everyone.
A pretty good family pic on the Naples' Pier.
We ended the evening at Rita's.
I love Rita's. We only get it when we go to Naples since they don't have them in Miami.
Wednesday - We went back to Wiggins beach for the day.
My book worm enjoying the shade of our tent.
Job being his silly, silly self.
Mark found a sand dollar.
My explorers looking for sand dollars and sea slugs.
Big clam shells they found snorkeling.
Surf's Up Dude!
Sand Ball.
I was laughing so hard at this picture.  The kids were trying to sit on their boogie boards, but the boards would fly out from under them. I caught this shot at a funny spot.
I love watching them enjoy the beach.
We went to a nice park before dinner.
This park was a lot of fun.
Cool drinking fountain.
Scooters, Fountain, Red Cheeks - Fun at the park.
Dinner and dessert at Sweet Tomatoes.
Thursday - We found a cool water park that we all enjoyed!
Mj trying to make it the whole way across.
Gabe & Job loved this water slide.
Silly brothers.
His face says it all! They had so much fun!
Friday - Before we left to head back to Miami, we went to a park to let the kids get some energy off before the car ride home.
Job loved this digging area.
Gabe climbing the rocks.
The nature trail was cool.
Enjoying a walk.
We had a fun vacation. So thankful for our time together.

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