Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We Finished Our School Year (A Couple of Weeks Ago)

Guess what? Yep, I got behind again. The end of the school year got completely crazy and I got behind on my blog. But we did finish our school year and are looking forward to several weeks off before we being in July.

We had a promotion day at Co-op to celebrate the end of the school year.
Gabe finished preschool and will be in Kindergarten! (That is crazy! How is he old enough for Kindergarten. He's so excited though and prays about his school books every night!)
Jadyn finished 1st grade.
Mj finished 6th grade.
Officially done!
The kids also finished their Awana programs for the year. Job loved Puggles this year!
Jadyn finished book 2 in Sparks.
Mj received the Timothy award for finishing his 4th TNT book!
Gabe finished his 2nd Cubbie book.  I'm so sad he will be moving out of Cubbies. At least I'll still have Job in Puggles. =)
The last time they will be in Cubbies and Puggles together.
The last time the 4 of them will be in Awana together.  Mj moves up to Youth Group next year.
After the school year was finished I went into OCD Spring Cleaning mode. Thankful for my little helpers even though they sometimes made the work take longer. ;)
My kitchen looked amazing as did the rest of my house!

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