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Weekly Wrap Up - Lots of Learning Going On

Weekly Wrap-Up
3 weeks down!  I can't believe how well our school year has started. I really thought it was going to be awful adding Gabe to the mix in Kindergarten and having Job, my crazy 2 year old running around. I knew Gabe & Jadyn would need my undivided attention and thankfully Mj can do a lot on his own, but still I went into the school year thinking the worst. It's been a great start! God has given patience when needed. Gabe loves school time. He plays happily while I work with Jadyn and she plays happily while I work with Gabe. I've found some great Ipad apps for them to do, too while I'm working with the other one. I'm so thankful for a great start.  3 more weeks and we get our first week long break! I'm loving this year round homeschooling!  It's been so unbelievably hot, too that the kids would rather be inside than outside playing.  So here's how our week went.
MJ - 7th Grade
Bible: Mj is doing Apologia's Who is My Neighbor? I love this series and it's been a great study for Mj.  We talked together about how we are made in God's image and we desire relationships. We talked about why having a good relationship with our parents and friends is important.
English: Mj worked on dictionary skills. He also started his observations for a journal he will be writing in a few weeks.  He's watching our bird feeders from 11:30-12:30 every day to see how many birds and what kinds of birds visit during that hour.
He worked all morning on this contraption. It connects from our bird feeders to our fort with 2 minions from McDonalds hanging off of it. The minions make noise when they shake.  He made it so he can be working on school and hear if a bird is in the bird feeder.
Math: Reviewing Order of Operations and Decimals.
World Studies: Mj finished up his chapter on the Persian Empire.
Science: Mj worked on classification and the cell theory.
Typing: Mj uses to practice his typing.
I caught him practicing his typing with a little brother watching his every move. =)
Jadyn - 2nd Grade
English: Jadyn and I wrote a personal story together about our trip to Naples in May. We discussed the writing process.
Math: Jadyn learned how to rename 10 ones and 1 ten. Thank goodness for unifix cubes that helped her visualize this!
All About Reading: Jadyn is flying through level 1.  I'm thankful that I chose to have her do level 1 which I knew would be a review.  She is gaining confidence and is loving to read!
All About Spelling: She is also doing Level 1 for this and her spelling has greatly improved already!
Heritage Studies: Jadyn learned about continents, oceans, the equator, the poles, and the compass rose this week.
Pointing to the equator.
Science: Jadyn learned why scientists do experiments and then she did her own experiment.  She wanted to see if our cooler actually kept things cooler than if the food was outside of the cooler.
Her experiment worked.  The cooler does keep things cooler.  She checked the ice after an hour and there was more water in the cup on the counter than in the cup in the cooler.
Art: We love the Homeart Studio DVDs for art.  Today Jadyn made a color wheel.
Gabe - Kindergarten
All About Reading: Gabe worked on letters A-L this week. He is loving the pre-reading program and is learning his letters well. He looks forward to watching a Sesame Street video on youtube about each letter, too.
He loved putting yarn on his L is for llama paper today.
Math: Gabe worked on one to one matching, more and fewer.
Homeschooling perk: Instead of circling the shape that is different he turned them into monsters. Can't do that in school. =)
Art: Gabe uses the Homeart Studio DVD's too.  His lesson today was on primary and secondary colors.
Job - Totschool
Job enjoyed a lot of learning through play this week.
Play dough is always a fun activity for a two year old.
Job loves trucks, police cars, fire trucks, cranes. So when Mj noticed that there was a crane at the school next door. Job was the first one running into the backyard to check it out.  They were putting an air conditioning unit on the roof of the gym so we all had to watch. Job was so excited!!!
Learning Together
I love our times learning together.  We started our Grapevine Bible Studies this week.  We talked about the first three days of creation.  They love drawing pictures as we read the Scriptures and talk together. I'm loving this program so far.

On Fridays we watch an episode of What's in the Bible? with Buck Denver and the kids color a coloring page to go with the episode.  I love this series to help kids understand why God gave us the Bible. I may sing along with all the songs.  What can I say? The Bentley Brothers are my favorite! =)

We are doing Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler. This week we learned about Delaware.  Did you know that the longest suspension bridge in the world is in Delaware. We made our own suspension bridge.  It was a great activity on team work and patience. =)
The awesome thing about homeschooling is letting my kids enjoy being creative and curious! I love watching their imaginations blossom and see them study the things around them without me saying, Hey did you see this.  This week, I enjoyed documenting Jadyn's curiosity and creativity.
We planted some seeds for a butterfly garden several weeks ago.  I caught Jadyn and Gabe noticing that there are buds on the plants.  They studied them for 15 minutes. Love it!

Jadyn made a kite out of sticks, yarn, ribbon, and paper. It didn't fly, but it sure was creative.
My track-making queen.

That was our week. You can check out other homeschooler's weeks at Weekly Wrap Up.

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Dawn Rebekah said...

What an a wonderful week. You all got so much done. Lots of creativity and learning!
Blessings, Dawn

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