Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 2 in the Books

Weekly Wrap-Up
It was a fun and busy week. Here's what we did...
MJ - 7th Grade
English: Mj wrote a book jacket about the book he just finished reading.
Math: Exponents, Square Roots, Orders of Operation
World Studies:  Mj finished his chapter on Creation through the Roman Empire
Science: Mj is starting a chapter on cells and their structure and functions.
As soon as his school work is over, you can find him in his room making Lego creations.
Jadyn - 2nd Grade
English: Jadyn learned about fragments and types of sentences this week.

Math: Jadyn kept reviewing addition. We had fun getting our education cubes out this week and rolling an addition equation.
Reading: Jadyn is loving All About Reading.  It has been review so far, but the confidence she is gaining is awesome to see!

Spelling: Jadyn is also loving All About Spelling. We got the letter tiles out this week and she loved that. It really is helping her take her time to think about each sound to be able to spell each word.  We are doing level 1 for both AAR and AAS.
Heritage Studies: This week we learned about the compass rose and directions. She loved getting maps out and finding what direction different oceans and continents were.

Science: Jadyn is learning about scientific process skills. She observed, measured, predicted, and inferred.

Jadyn also finished up her swimming lessons and passed level 1.  She was pretty excited about it!

Gabe - Kindergarten
Phonics: Gabe has learned letters "A" through "G". We took a day to work on writing his name since he has learned all the letters in his name.
He loved "rainbow tracing" his name.
Math: Gabe worked on sequence patterns and reviewed his shapes.
Working on a sequence pattern at his desk.
After we had finished school one day, Gabe ran around the house bringing me things and telling me what shape they were.  It was so cute!
While I worked with Jadyn, Gabe could usually be found playing blocks.
Job - Totschool
With Jadyn's swimming lessons, our school time has been cut short, so Job got to play during school a lot which is the best way for a two-year old to learn anyway! =)  He loved the wooden blocks this week.

On Friday we took a day off from book work, to enjoy the beach with a friend of mine. We got to see some flying fish and learn about them.  It was the first time we've ever seen them. The beach never gets old!
I caught Gabe making letters in the sand! This was his letter "A".
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