Tuesday, August 11, 2015

14 Years

Fourteen years ago today, I married the most amazing man in the world.  Seriously, fourteen years has flown by.  Standing in front of him, I never could have imagined what our lives together would hold - the ups and downs we would go through and how much I could love a person.
During this time, my mom was very sick.  We didn't even know if she would be able to be there or not.  We had all sorts of plans in place for all the scenarios that could happen. The night of the rehearsal my mom couldn't be there, because she was too sick.  But my wedding day reminds me of God's gracious goodness to my mom and me, because on that day she was the best she had been in months.  She remembered things and looked the healthiest we had seen her. She was looking forward to my wedding day almost as much as I was.  Every doctor appointment I would take her to or every nurse that would come see her at the hospital and every visiting nurse knew all about my wedding because she was telling them all the plans she could remember.  I'm so grateful that my mom was so well on our wedding day. We had no idea, but a month later she would be in Heaven with her Savior.  God was so good to give my mom and I this wonderful memory together!
 It's fun(ny) looking at how people have aged in 14 years!  The little girl in white with the blue bow is getting married this weekend! She was in our youth group when we were youth group leaders in PA.  Time sure does fly!
 We had such a beautiful day for our wedding and a beautiful place in Hershey to take pictures!
 Our wedding party! A beautiful group of family and friends!
 This is probably one of my favorite pictures from that day. 
 We were a bit late to our reception (4 hours) because my bridesmaids got lost on the way to where we were taking pics. So when we got to the reception we had to quickly cut the cake because it was starting to melt. My husband smashed the cake in my face, so I had to return the favor!
 Getting ready to leave for our honeymoon! So many fun memories of that day.  I love looking back through our wedding album and video!
And because 2 people fell in love, we have this beautiful family that God has blessed us with! Oh what a difference 14 years makes! ;)
I love the words to Josh Wilson's song "What a Mystery" and I think about it every year on our anniversary.
"There was a garden, there was a man,
He was so lonely, but God had a plan,
God had a plan.

He fell asleep but, never could dream,
He'd wake up to the most beautiful thing
He'd ever seen.

But there she was, and there you are.

What a mystery
 Somehow you and me
Are a picture of a greater love
That someday we will see
 Oh, what a mystery

The good Lord is working to make my heart new,
And I am more like Him when I'm with you,
When I'm with you.

Oh, you are so patient, you are so kind,
You are my favorite way that God shows His light in my life.

 What a mystery
 Somehow you and me
Are a picture of a greater love
That someday we will see
 Yeah, what a mystery

And day by day we'll chip away
All the things that don't belong,
Every shadow, every wrong,
Until we find deep down inside
The glory we forgot, the image of our God.

 What a mystery
 Yea somehow you and me
Are a picture of a greater love
That someday we will see
 Oh, what a mystery "

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