Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy, Busy Week

Weekly Wrap-Up
We had a busy week, but praise God it went much better than last week!  We're looking forward to one more week and then a week break!  Yay!
Gabe and Job spent a lot of this week making letters, buildings, and towers with blocks.  I love blocks!  What a great way to use those motor skills and imagination.
Tuesdays are Enrichment classes through our co-op. Jadyn has been taking a ceramics class and got to take her first two pieces home. They look beautiful!
Mj has been taking a fine arts class and I've been so impressed with his talent!
Wednesday we celebrated the first day of fall by painting some fall trees.

This week Jadyn learned about land forms in Heritage Studies.  She had fun making this land form flip book.
On Thursday Jadyn and Gabe had an Elementary Explorers activity through our co-op at a park.  They had so much fun playing with their friends and playing with the parachute.
We learned about Florida this week and made a key lime pie! It was yummy!
Jadyn learned about measure capacity so we made a gallon-bot to help her remember cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
Yesterday we enjoyed celebrating Native American Day. Jadyn was so excited to get her picture taken with a real native American wearing real native American clothes.
We had fun on the airboat.
The kids loved watching the alligator wrestler.
So that was a quick summary of our week in pictures.
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Megan Russell said...

Where did you get the gallon-bot printable? Visuals like that help my 7 year old daughter so much. We made that landforms flip book a few weeks ago!

Tiff said...

I got it off of pinterest. I just searched for gallonbot and it came up.

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