Friday, September 11, 2015

Job Turns 3 and Visiting the Police Station & Fire Station

How can my baby be 3 years old!?!?  Today my baby turned 3 years old!  He has been anxiously awaiting his birthday!  Although he thinks he is 5.  Sorry, buddy!  This momma could not handle that one! ;) 

When he woke up I asked him what today was. This was his adorable it's my birthday face and we're going to take cookies to the firemen face!
 On this day, I am reminded of God's grace to turn my mourning into joy.  14 years ago on this day not only did the horrors of those terror attacks on our country take place, but I said good-bye to my mom for the last time. I had no idea that God would take her home 2 days later.  This time of year is always difficult for me as I recall the events of the today and the next couple of days. But 3 years ago, God gave me joy in the midst of my mourning.  I was due with Job on September 15 and I always have my babies late so I never thought his birth would correlate with my mom's passing. On Sept. 10, 2012 I went in for an ultrasound because Job was measuring big and so was my belly.  The doctors said I would have to have a C-section the next day. God knew that Job needed to come on this day and made it happen even if it wasn't the way I would have planned him coming. As I watched Job today playing and just loving life and being his silly self, I was reminded of God's grace and goodness.  I did not deserve to have such good gift brought into my life, but God gave me Job at just the right time. I know my mom would love Job so much just as she would my other 3 children. There is not a day that goes by that I wish she could see them or talk to them. I seriously think she would just want me to FaceTime our entire day so she could watch them every second! LOL
Job, you are God's gift to our family.  You bring so much joy and life to our family! I love the way you say "I wuth you Mommy" and squeeze my neck so hard. I love how you copy everything your big brothers and sister do and then make it your own silly version of whatever they are doing. I love how independent you are becoming and yet need me to see your achievements. You are my dare devil, bug-lovin', fire truck finding, silly boy! I pray that you will know how much Jesus loves you and that He has made you for a specific purpose! We love you Job Michael!
 Some silliness with the birthday boy after his McDonalds lunch.
 Also, today we wanted to show our gratitude to our police officers and firemen so yesterday we were baking up a storm.  Seriously, I think Job was more excited about seeing the firemen and police officers than his birthday! He couldn't wait to go give them cookies this morning!  We look forward to doing this every year!
At one of the fire stations they gave us a tour of the fire engine and let the kids try on their gear.  The kids loved it!
Jadyn thought the helmet was very heavy.
Mj said it was very hot to wear all that gear.
Job just made us all laugh! Where are his legs?!
They even got a picture with these brave men!


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