Sunday, September 27, 2015

Native American Day

Yesterday, we had fun celebrating Native American Day at Miccosukee.  The kids loved all the rides and they learned some things, too.  Here's some pictures from our day.

Heading out on the airboat!
The first time all 6 of us have ridden an airboat together! It was a blast!
The boys on the slide.
Jadyn loved this big slide!
On the roller coaster. Job was not a fan.
He liked the merry-go-round much better.
Mj liked this!
Getting ready to watch the Alligator Wrestler!
I'm not sure if this guy is crazy or brave! LOL
Waiting with my big boy for the little boys to get out of the bounce house.
Jadyn & Gabe on the swings.
They loved the swamp buggy.
Enjoying an ice treat on this very hot and humid day.
Jadyn wanted her picture with a real native American.

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