Saturday, September 5, 2015

What We've Been Up To

Wow! It's been a crazy couple of weeks and my weekends were insanely busy so I didn't get any blog posts up. So here's the past couple of weeks in pictures!

Ben surprised us!  He's been in Honduras since January and he took a surprise trip home to PA and had a layover on the way back to Honduras in Miami so we got to spend a couple of hours with him!  Jadyn did not leave his side!!
Job was happy to have "Bunny" here!
We had a week break from school (Yes! I love schooling year round!). We enjoyed some time at the pool to cool off!
A trip to the zoo is always fun no matter how hot and humid it is!
Mj and I cooled off in the shade while the little kiddos played on the play ground!
Taking a snack break at the zoo!
Awana started and Gabe moved up to Sparks! He was so excited!  Job is a Puggle and Gabe & Jadyn are Sparks!
We enjoyed a Marlins vs Phillies game.
Mark and I were able to get away for a quick weekend trip for our anniversary!  The one night we went to watch the sunset and it poured so we opened the trunk of the mini-van and enjoyed the view from the back of the van.
Absolutely beautiful!
The colors were amazing!
Before we headed back home we went to see Vizcaya.
We had fun touring the gardens, even though the real feel was 116!!!
So glad we got a weekend away!
Back to Bash with our homeschool friends!
We thought Tropical Storm Erika was going to ruin our plans for our Back to School bash, but it ended up being a beautiful day!
We haven't just been goofing off, Jadyn has been working on time in math.
Mj made DNA out of Legos.
Our enrichment classes started.  The kids were so excited on Tuesday morning to go to their classes.  I'm also teaching this year and I'm excited about that!
My one class I'm teaching is a music history class.  On Tuesday we started learning about the orchestra.  We looked at the string family, and the girls were so excited that I brought in some string instruments for them to try.
Jadyn has been doing an experiment on if soil is important to grow a plant. Ummmm... yes! Soil is very important! ;)
For my birthday Mark has been turning our backyard into a beautiful oasis!  He made a bench and table and we've been enjoying lunch out there all week!
Gabe has been enjoying playing with our geometric shapes.
Job has been all about puzzles recently.
Yesterday Jadyn did an art project based off the story of Goldilock and the Three Bears. We love HomeArt Studio DVDs!
Gabe learned about Van Gogh and made this beautiful sunflower picture based off of one of Van Gogh's famous pieces.
That was my quick attempt at catching up on life! ;)

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