Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kennedy Space Center

We've been looking forward to this day for a long time and on Thursday we finally got to go to Kennedy Space Center. We were able to have a friend watch Job since we didn't think he would enjoy it as much as everyone else and left very early in the morning for Kennedy Space Center.
We had an amazing time! Here's some pictures from our trip.

Ready to begin our day of exploring!
The kids thought this was awesome!
Gabe ended up a bit wet after this pic.
Time to EXPLORE!
Mj at the Rocket Garden
An impatient Jadyn at the Rocket Garden. She thought we had to hit every thing in an hour! LOL
Pretty cozy in there.
Ready for lift off.
Ready to explore Atlantis. This was the highlight of our day!
So tall!
We are so tiny!
Giving the astronaut a high five.
This was truly breath-taking. Kennedy Space Center did an awesome job introducing you to Atlantis. It brought tears to my eyes to see this amazing space shuttle and to think of what all it has seen and done!
It almost look fake! But it was very real!
The underside of Atlantis.
Inside Atlantis.
Inside Atlantis
Jadyn trying out the cockpit.
Inside the International Space Station.
Gabe thought the shuttle toilet was hilarious!
Cool touch screens to learn about the shuttle.
Spin the wheel!
Gabe was very disappointed he couldn't do the shuttle take off simulator. He was seriously like 1/8 inch too short, but he thought it was cool to get a special badge and get to watch the people on the simulator on a tv screen.
Replica of the Hubble Telescope.
Ready to head to the launch pad.
The fam at Atlantis
Ready for the bus tour with this crazy girl.
Family selfie on the bus tour.
This is the building where they make the rockets and shuttles. It looks small in the picture, but it is huge!!!
The launch pad where they would build the shuttles on.
This is the launch pad where they will build the rocket to send people to Mars in the not too distant future.
The control center. It's 3 and 1/2 miles from the launch site for safety.
The tread marks from the crawler which takes the rockets to the launch site.
Launch site 39a
Launch site 39b
The crawler. It gets 32 feet per gallon. It takes 5-6 hours to get to the launch site.
Checking out the Saturn V rocket.
Saturn V
Just chillin'
This lunar module was supposed to go up in Apollo 15.
This was the lunar module for Apollo 11 or 14. I can't remember.
Touching a lunar rock.
Checking out constellations and trying to see how strong they were.
Future astronauts?
Last, but not least checking out the 3D Imax movie Journey to Space.

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