Tuesday, December 16, 2008


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SIGMA Christmas Party '08

We were so excited to host SIGMA's Christmas party in our "somewhat" finished basement!! Everyone seemed to have a great time. We enjoyed delicious food, fun games and tournaments and great fellowship! We're so thankful for our wonderful youth group!!

6 months old

Birth Stats

Height: 19"

Weight: 8lb 1oz

Head: 34 1/2 cm

6 Month Stats

Height: 25"

Weight: 12 lb. 1 oz.
Head: 41 1/2 cm
Definitely not the chunkiest in the bunch! ;)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a Big Girl!

Jadyn has started to "crawl." She's moving forward, but we're not exactly sure how she's doing it. She is also sitting up pretty well by herself. I can't believe how big she's getting and it's going soooooo...... fast!!!!!!!!! Friday, she will be 6 months old - half a year! Unbelievable! Where have those 6 months gone? Here are some pics of our big girl.

Mj's First Night in the Basement

On Wednesday night, Mj spent the night in his new room. It still has a little bit of work left, but it's done enough that he can sleep down there. After telling me he was "starting to cry tears" cause he was going to be all alone he went to sleep and then I cried. My big boy was all alone sleeping on a different floor of the house than me!!!!!! Mj loves his new room and his new bed.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bath Time

We tried Jadyn out in her bath seat in the big bathtub. Mj was excited to have a bath with his baby sister. He enjoyed putting her new rubber duckies on her head.

Christmas Decorating

Over the weekend we decked the halls at our house! Jadyn got to put her ornament that Aunt Dawn-Dawn got her last year on the tree first. Jadyn wasn't sure if she liked the feel of the tree, but she sure did like the lights!=) Mj was a big help, too. Of course, all the ornaments were in one spot and at one level. I don't think he noticed that I moved them around after he was done. ;)
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