Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bath Time

Bath time is usually a bit chaotic at our house.  I usually have lots of little helpers that usually end up making a huge mess!  But we're making memories and that's what's important.  The mess can be cleaned up later. 

No babies were harmed in the making of these pictures.

Baby Food

One of the things I love to do is make my own baby food for my babies.  The other day I made some yummy sweet potatoes for Job.  He's not a fan yet.  I must say, I'm not that big of a fan of sweet potatoes either (unless their drowning in brown sugar and marshmallows!).  It's the easiest thing to make homemade baby food and is a whole lot cheaper than those pre-packaged foods. I usually make a huge batch and freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays.  That way they're already in serving sizes.  I just store them in ziploc bags.  Super easy!!!

He Found Something New

Job has discovered his tongue can go in an out!  I love hearing him in the mornings!  He's cooing and laughing and now attempting to blow raspberries!  This boy melts this momma's heart!

Shopping Day

On Saturday, I took the kids shopping.  Mj had birthday and Christmas money. Jadyn & Gabe had their Christmas money.  So off we went to the store.  They were each very thoughtful in what they were getting.  Mj knew he wanted legos and we found quite an amazing deal!  He was able to get one of the sets free!  I love being able to teach my kids how to be savvy with their money!  Mj ended up with 4 lego sets, Jadyn got a Rapunzel doll house, and Gabe got a battering ram for his new castle.  Job slept the morning away in the stroller!  Thankful for a fun day with my kids!


Gabe is all about his shadow and jumping on my shadow.  When we walk to church he loves to see his shadow on the wall of the building.  I love watching his shadow!  Even his shadow looks like it's smiling!=)  I love looking at the world through the eyes of my kids!  They help me see the most amazing things in the simple things!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day! It's fun to spoil the one's I love! I'm looking forward to making heart shaped pizza, Cupid floats, and mini heart strawberry pies for dinner for my Valentine's tonight.  But most importantly, I am thankful for God's love for me!  What an amazing thought that God loves me and I am precious in His eyes.  I love Isaiah 43:1 where God says, "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are Mine." I memorized this verse and the couple verses after it, when my mom was sick and then when we struggled with infertility.  It helped me remember that I am not alone. I have a God who knows my name and I am His!  He loves me that much that He did the unthinkable and died on a cross for my sins - past, present, and future!  So on this Valentine's day as I spoil my Valentines at home with love and I am grateful for a God who spoils me with love each and every day.

Me and My Valentine - 18 years ago today, this cute guy in school gave me a pink carnation (which meant I like you and want to get to know you better).... And well.... the rest is history!
My 4 Little Valentines - I am so thankful for these wonderful and crazy kids!

Monday, February 11, 2013

5 Months Already

Job is 5 months old today!  And he's pretty excited about it!
 photo 5months_zps7f32b7b4.jpg

MJ's 10 Challenges Birthday Party

I wanted to do something special for Mj's 10th Birthday Party.  I checked ideas on Pinterest, but couldn't find anything until I saw some Minute to Win It Birthday parties.  So I used what little brain cells I have left and decided to do a 10 Challenges birthday party (OK, so we only got to 8 of the challenges, but thankfully the boys weren't counting!).  It was a success!  The boys had so much fun and Mj told me it was the best party he ever had!

 Challenge #1: Paper Dragon - Unwrap the streamers with only your arms.  The wind made it even more of a challenge.
Challenge #2: Bite Me - Pick up the paper bags with only your teeth and only your feet can touch the ground.  The paper bags were varying sizes (10", 8", 6", 4", 2").  The 2" bag was quite the challenge, but 2 of the boys actually did it!
Challenge #3: Shoe Fly Shoe - Using your foot, fling your shoe and get it to land on the table.  This was much harder than it looked.
Challenge #4: Elephant March - This was just hilarious to watch!  They had to knock down the water bottles using their "trunk" (panty hose with a ball in the leg)
Challenge #5: Suck it Up - Using the straw get the M&M's from one bowl to the other.
Gabe was excited to get to try this game out.  There was so much drool in his bowl - YUCK!
Challenge #6: Water Balloon Target - So I made a nice target using side walk chalk for them to throw the water balloons at.  They decided human targets were better! ;)
Challenge #7: Face the Cookie - Get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your face.  Another funny one to watch.
Challenge #8 - Whipped Cream Bubble Gum Bonanza - Find the bubble gum in the whipped cream.  The first one to blow a bubble wins.  
The whipped cream ended up every where! ;)
Mj wanted ice cream cake for his cake.  Yummy!!!
The birthday boy having so much fun!
Blowing out the candles.
The birthday boy
It really was such a fun day!  We're so thankful for the friends Mj has made since moving to Miami.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday MJ!

MJ turns double digits today!   It's crazy to think my first born is a decade old!!  We enjoyed celebrating his birthday today.  He had a fun birthday party with friends (I'll be posting about that later).  I am so proud of MJ.  He is a hard worker, smart, has such a tender heart, is a great big brother to his 3 younger siblings.  We are so grateful that God blessed us with MJ.  God knew we needed him in our lives and He gave him to us at the perfect time.  We are so thankful that Mj has accepted the most precious gift of salvation!  It's been amazing to see him grow and we look forward to what God has for him in his future!  We love you MJ!!!

Just a few hours old

A cute 1 year old
A ring bearer in my brother's wedding at 2 years old.
An energetic 3 year old
A snuggly 4 year old with our puppy Streak.
First Amtrak train ride at 5 years old. His buddy Samson came along, too.
An amazing 6 year old
A toothless 7 year old
A smart 8 year old
A Lego addicted 9 year old.
My favorite 10 year old.
 photo IMG_3922_zps1e27a275.jpg
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