Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Messy, but Fun Easter Craft

I saw this craft idea on Pinterest and thought the kids would love it.  It was a little messier than I imagined, but we had a great time putting it together.  We talked about God's love for us as we put the soap on the window and as we put the cellophane on the window I talked about how Jesus took the punishment for all the bad things we have done and will ever do. What an amazing thing Jesus did for us!  As we see the cross on our back door every day, it's a great reminder of the love God has for us!
Putting the "glue" (soap) on the door. Next time we will not use as much! LOL
Putting the cellophane on.
The finished product.  It looks amazing at night!

Momma's Boy

I look forward to the evenings after the big kids are in bed and I get to enjoy some snuggle time with my baby!

Family Day at the Beach - Why Yes, I do Love Living in Miami!

On Saturday, we decided it was the perfect day for the beach! So yes, it is March and yes, we did go to the beach!  One of my favorite things about living in Miami!  Beach days year round!  Here's some pics from our fun family day!

Job all ready for the beach!
Perfect Day!
Enjoy a mid-morning snack
Lots of digging, exploring, and swimming going on.
A beautiful view of Fisher Island and Miami Beach while we play
Mj just soaking in the sand and water.
Jadyn running around as usual!
Gabe spotted a helicopter.
Mj lounging in the hole he made.
Jadyn found some slimy sea weed.
Gabe snuck into Mj's hole.
Job enjoying the beach view.  He would laugh every time a wave came up.
Mj found a clam
Mj scaring away the raccoons for me.
Poor Jadyn got stung by a jelly fish.  Thankfully, I had an ice pack in our cooler.
While we packed up to go home, Gabe took a little nap on the picnic table.
Job had a blast!

Life with 3 Older Siblings...

... requires protective eye wear.

Ready for the Slide?

Job had his first official ride on the slide thanks to his big sister Jadyn.  He smiled and laughed the whole way down! How did my baby get big enough to take a ride on the slide?


I love watching my kids use their imaginations!  I usually see it with Mj when he's playing with his legos.  His lego figures have some pretty epic adventures!  The one day I was washing the dishes and looked out the window to see Jadyn & Gabe having quite a battle!  I found out later that Gabe had discovered where Jadyn had buried her pirate treasure.  She had to protect it! ;) No one was harmed during this epic fight! ;)

Fun at the Fair!

Last week we took the kids to the opening night of the Miami Dade County Youth Fair! This is a highlight of the year.  We look forward to it like we use to look forward to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.  We had so much fun and are already planning a trip back to the fair during spring break next week! ;)

Watching the amazing acts at the circus!
Job fell asleep on the way to the kiddie rides.
Riding the train with Aunt Lydia and Jules.
Devouring an elephant ear.  Mark and I were commenting how we don't get much elephant ear anymore and next year Job will be able to enjoy the delicious treat..... We may just have to buy 2 next year! ;)
Jadyn's friend Ali was at the fair, too!
Cousin picture with the chick-fil-a cow!
Watching the sheep.
My cute tomatoes.
Watching the baby chicks.  They are adorable!
Mj petting an alpaca.
They were so thankful that Mark took them to the fair!
I tried to keep Job bundled up.  Once the sun went down it was chilly.  Very weird for March in Miami.
Mj and I love the fair!

We really do Love the Zoo

Last week we took Edye, Lydia, Julia, and baby Sydney to the zoo with us.  I'm so thankful for our pass!  The kids love the zoo and it never gets old!  The animals were really active so the kids were loving that! It was the perfect zoo day!

Gabe climbed the hippo at the playground.
My niece Jules takes a quick break on the bridge.
Jadyn & Gabe getting dizzy.
Jadyn and the gorillas.
Another photo shoot opportunity! ;)
Cooling off
Gabe was excited to beat Jadyn to the frog.
Checking out the elephants!
Gorilla Gabey Baby
Nothing like hugging a frog.
These 2 have so much fun together.
After a day at the zoo! ;)

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