Saturday, February 22, 2014

Love Like You Mean It Cruise 2014

For Christmas, my husband surprised me and told me we would be going on Family Life's Love Like You Mean It Cruise. It seemed so far away, but Feb. 10 finally came and we left for Grand Turk. We had incredible time together.  The sessions were excellent, the concerts were worshipful, the ocean and Grand Turk were absolutely breath taking, and the time alone was relaxing.  I'm so thankful that Mark took me on this cruise.  I encourage married couples to go.  Here's some pics from our trip.

Leaving Miami.
Introducing the speakers - Dennis & Barbara Rainey, Gary Chapman, Alex Kendrick, & Crawford Loritts.
Chris August concert.
Building 429 concert.
Jared Emerson painted during Chris August's and Building 429's concerts. Amazing!
Nicole C Mullen concert
Laura Story concert.  She is one of my favorite singers and meeting her in person was awesome!  What a humble person with such an amazing testimony for Christ.
The comedy of Bone Hampton - Hilarious!
Enjoying the water slide.  Lots of fun!
Formal night.
On Wednesday we got to Grand Turk and were excited to go on our excursion.
On our small boat heading to Gibbs Cay.  Looking back at our cruise ship.
One of our guides went snorkeling and found this huge conch shell.
Feeding a sting ray.  I thought he was going to suck my hand up with the fish.  Pretty crazy feeling.
Mark holding a sting ray.
Getting a sting ray back massage.
Our guide showing us how to eat a conch.
Yes, I ate raw conch straight from the ocean.  Tasted like scallops.
Snorkeling was awesome.  We saw some sting rays and barracudas.
The best part of snorkeling was swimming with this sea turtle!  AWESOME!
The water is absolutely amazing!
When we got back to the island Mark and I went exploring.

There were conch shells everywhere.
The sand was full of conch shells and coral.
Me and my honey exploring the island.
After our exploration we decided to lay out on the beach.  This was my view.
Every night I'd look forward to our towel creations.
Friday morning we enjoyed the beautiful sunrise back in Miami.
I had such a great time with this handsome guy!  So thankful to be his wife and to have this time away to focus on our marriage!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday MJ!

I cannot believe my oldest is 11 years old!  Mj is a tender-hearted young man.  He loves Legos, science, more Legos, Wii, and more Legos!  He is an amazing big brother - always looking out for his 3 younger siblings. I am so thankful that God blessed our family with MJ!  He's the one who made me a mom. I love that he still loves giving me hugs, he loves to tell me jokes, and share his heart with me!
Mj, you're growing into a fine young man!  We continue to pray that you rely on God to be your strength and that you will love Him with all your heart, body, and soul!
Happy 11th Birthday!!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

100th Day of School

We had a blast celebrating our 100th Day of School!
We started by doing 100 exercises which included 10 push-ups and 10 lunges.
We made 100 day fruit loop necklaces.
The kids loved making their own 100 Day Trail Mix!
And since I forgot one activity we made a 100 cup tower on the 101st day of school! Of course, the best part was knocking the tower over.
And then they got creative and made a 100 Day fort!
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