Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free Friday at the Children's Museum

While Mj went to a Jr. Church activitiy, we took the little guys and went with my sis-in-law and brother-in-law and their girls to the Children's Museum. We just found out that the 3rd Friday of every month is free at the Children's Museum so who could pass that up! =)  We all had so much fun! Here's some pics of the kids enjoying themselves.
Job loves tunnels! He had a blast going in and out!
He loved this room!
Little Mommy Jadyn helping her little brother fish!
Fun on the slide!
Jadyn and her cousin Jules brushing some teeth.
Gabe shopping for cheese.
And shopping for even more cheese. My kids love dairy!
Jadyn milking the cow.
Firemen Jadyn to the rescue!
The kids loved the construction zone.
Driving the construction vehicle.
Jadyn loved the dinosaur room!  She's a T-Rex!
Checking out the fish!
Jadyn wanted to bring this teddy bear home.
My artsy girl enjoying coloring and gluing.
Fun outside on the playground!
This room was a ton of fun!

We had a fun Friday night!  I love watching the kids play together!

Weekly Wrap Up - A Fun Week

We had a fun week of school this week.  The kids worked hard and we were able to do some extra fun things!  Here's our week!
MJ - 5th Grade
Bible: Mj is continuing his chapter on God's attributes and reading George Muller.
English: Mj is writing a persuasive business letter.
Math: Mj finished his chapter on angles and circles.
Mj made a paper airplane and then measure the angles that he made.

History: Mj finished his chapter on WWI.  He really enjoyed learning about WWI. I was impressed by how much he remembered.  We got some books at the library about WWI, too.
Science:  We had quite a full and fun week in science.
Mj had a science fair at his co-op. He did his project on standing on eggs.  You can check out my blog post about it here.
We talked about mixtures and we needed to have some Chex Mix to help us understand the concept of mixtures. =)
We talked about concentrated solutions and diluted solutions using lemonade mix.
Jadyn - Kindergarten
Jadyn loves Bible time.  She looks forward to coloring her coloring book and listening to Mj and I read his lesson together.
Jadyn finished up her week of songs by talking about camp songs. So we made s'mores over the stove top.
Then we began her unit of nursery rhymes. We made spider snacks for "Little Miss Muffet."
Jadyn dressed up as a princess for our day of nursery rhymes about kings and queens.
Jadyn jumped over the candle like Jack Be Nimble as we practiced words ending in "ck". If the word ended in "ck" she had to jump over the candle.
Reviewing her word families.
Reading her reader.
Jadyn is loving a new ipad app we got called "Learning with Homer".  It has some great phonics games.
Adding her new word families in her calendar notebook.
Math: Jadyn learned about measuring this week.  We measured liquids, we weighed things and we used our paper clips and rulers.
We used a paper clips to measure, but we learned that it is not very reliable to use paper clips since my paper clips might be a different size than her paper clips.
So then we got our inch ruler out and measured.
Jadyn enjoyed coloring some fall coloring pages. She is definitely my artsy child! =)
Gabe: Totschool
Reading his Bible book.
Gabe was all about gluing this week so we did lots of gluing activities.  Here he had to glue the apples on one side and the leaves on the other side.
Gluing the hippos on "H".
Gluing his "H" is for house craft together.
He loved coloring and gluing this hippo craft.
Can I just say how much I love the Color Wonder books and markers!  No markers on anything but the paper!  Amazing!!  A mom's best friend! I got him a new color wonder book over the weekend and he enjoyed coloring it this week.
Putting dots on the "Hs".
Job - Teeny Tot
Job loved this toy this week.  He loves putting the ball in and watching it drop and playing with the gears.
Whenever it's quiet, this is usually what I find him doing.  Putting all his balls in the oven of the play kitchen.
That's his studious face! LOL
Columbus Day Craft: The kids enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus and making handprint ships.

So that was our week.  Check out Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see other families' weeks of school!

Outside Fun

I think one of my favorite things about homeschooling is that the kids get to be outside having fun a lot of our day! Now that it is kind of cooling down here in Miami, the kids want to be outside more. Here's some of the fun that goes on in our backyard.

The kids got a moon bounce ball from a friend!  They love it!
Just chilling on the slide.
My crazy baby has decided that climbing the slide is great fun!
He seriously gets to the top all by himself and he's only 13 months old!  I'm in for trouble with this one!
Fun with bubbles!
Mj trying to get just the right amount of solution on his bubble wand.
Jadyn makes her bubble!

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